6 Simple Rules

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I’ve kind of switched my blog to WordPress, the reason for this… as some of you know I am studying Human Biology with Journalism and for one of my modules for Journalism I have to create a blog (a separate one) on anything. That blog will be marked by my tutor, and it also HAS to be on word press! My old blog used to be on Blogger, however, I kind of decided to switch to WordPress just so I get used to all the features for my assignments! Yay

Anyhoo, I am not writing this post to bore you with my uni life, although I may do a post on my experience at uni (let me know if you’d like to read something like that) but the topic of my blag today is…

6 Simple Rules

I’ve only chosen 6 things because there are so many things I have learnt and listing all of them would take sort of forever… so we will live with 6!

1) Appreciate… EVERYTHING! Ah that word… ‘Appreciate’ !! Have you ever come home from a long freezing cold winters day into your warm house and embraced that warm heat, which hits you and smell of food that whofts up your nose? Because I have. After a long day of uni, all I can think about on the bus is getting home into my warm bed and eating whatever it is my mum has cooked. The other day when I got in, my hands and nose were so cold, but once I was all warm & relaxed at home, a thought occurred to me… what would a homeless person be doing right now in this freezing water? They probably don’t have anywhere warm to go to? nor may they have hot food all prepared for them… Some people turn around and say ‘well they put themselves in that position’ but I say it doesn’t matter how or what got them to the situation they’re in…some of them are sitting outside in the cold, trying to get through the night, whilst we’re  chillin’ in our beds. The fact is, we are blessed with things that some people would die for, and I’m not saying omg we should all feel guilty, no not at all, but we should appreciate these things eh… clean water, warm showers, food, a flushable toilet, soap, socks, intact shoes and clothes.. these things that someone in another less well off country would do anything for.

2) Be Nice. Whether or not you know the person on the receiving end, whether it will benefit you or not, Be nice. It really doesn’t take a lot of energy or time, even just smiling at someone, saying thank you, holding the door for someone… little things that really do make a difference in a person’s day! Think about it, you could be that one individual who changes one person’s out look or opinion of something… like look at it, with what’s going on in the media today, in terms of all the extremists dirtying Islam, there are bound to be people who think ‘Muslims, what type of people are they, look at them.’ But if you’re that one person… who smiles at them, or holds the door for them, says thank you, tells them they dropped something… you could make them think ‘ok they’re not all the same,’ which is the truth. Forget being muslim, even as a young person, being kind to an elderly person could change their outlook on the youth of today and how we’re not all too bad eh?

3) Be Curious – about the world around you, how things work, why things happen, different parts of society, the different religions, be more open to everything. No one is saying that everything you come across has to have some sort of impact on your life, nor do you have to agree with it… no! But be curious and gain that knowledge for yourself, so YOU know more about what is happening in the world around you. If a thought comes to mind, like ‘oh i wonder why this happens’ then go and research it. Personally there have been so many times I have thought about something and researched it and thought omg that is so cool… for example… I always wondered why our palms and bottom of our feet get all wrinkly when in water for too long… so I researched it and found out that scientists think it’s so we have more grip in water…. so we can hold things better and not slip and break our neck. I found that so cool. No? Ok. But my point is, we have so much information at our finger tips, all it takes is typing it into google and boom you have your answer, thats one more thing you know now.

4) Respect for everyone and everything. All religions, all cultures and opinions. There will definitely be something you will come across that you wont agree with at all, but that does not mean you cuss it and you degrade it, no you respect the fact that whatever it is… it exists and to someone it means something. If it’s a different religion, respect it, no one is telling you that you have to believe their beliefs. If it’s a different way of doing something in a certain culture, respect it, who said that’s the only way of doing things? It’s just the way it is for that specific culture. If it’s an entirely different opinion to you? RESPECT IT!  Yeah you may not agree and it may sound utterly bizarre to you and maybe you want to have a civilised debate over it, but being rude and disrespectful is not ok. Everyone has their own experiences and values and we just have to deal with the fact that those two things shape their opinions.

5) Don’t give up. Stay determined – One major thing I have learnt… KEEP GOING! The amount of times I have thought meh, forget this I can not be bothered anymore, but really I know if I stop now, I am just throwing all that hard work away. These hurdles are there to jump, these balloons that form inside our heads clouding our thoughts and making us feel like we’re lost somewhere… are there to be popped! We just have to have the determination to jump and pop and keep going, so we do reach that final goal of ours, whatever it is!!

6) Don’t judge – No one has any idea what it is like to be in another person’s shoes, or inside their mind looking through their eyes or experiencing their life… hence why it gives none of us the right to judge. None of us are perfect. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days (Hannah Montana ones) but really, everybody as made some sort of mistake somewhere along the line, but they most probably already learnt from it and don’t want to be constantly reminded or judged for it… meaning there is no need for anyone to sit there, analyse that mistake and write their thesis on it? Yeah it can be hard to resist the temptation of knowing what another is doing and forming your opinions, but if that does happen… ask your self, how many things are there within in me I would like to change? I know that is enough to stop my mind from wandering.

Ah there are so many more ‘rules of life’ we could go on about, but those are the first 6 that came to mind when I thought of this title… As always, no idea whether these bundles of words made sense, but I hope it touches the brains of some. Lol, I am now going to start analysing UK Articles on their reporting of the Mediterranean diet. Oh the joy.

Until next time lovelies 🙂

(Btw I know I do journalism and thaaat… but my spelling can be soooo horrible… so don’t hate just appreciate the brilliant spelling)


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