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Final Year Project

Hello! It's me 🙂 I know it's been a while but I have been busy working on a few bits and pieces, which I will be announcing soon (I hope) however, I know for some of you it is a stressful and very important time... Third Year of uni, your final year and that lovely… Continue reading Final Year Project

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Assignments, Assignments…

Hey guys, it's me again! Some of you might know.. I posted that uni Q&A [Find that here] and quite a few people found it helpful, which makes me SO HAPPY! Since then, I've been getting questions through Curious cat [also find that here] and a few of them asked about assignments; how I handled them and what's the best way to… Continue reading Assignments, Assignments…

Education & Work

Onwards and Upwards… or Sidewards (as long as you’re moving)

Well hasn’t it been a while since I've posted… but then again life has gotten pretty busy! Woooo.. I'm not complaining! After uni finished, I had absolutely NOTHING to do, the first thing I started doing was apply for jobs, internships literally anything to get myself busy. Watching Gossip Girl filled my time up nicely… Continue reading Onwards and Upwards… or Sidewards (as long as you’re moving)