Papa and I: Part I

4th May 2021 The truth is, Papa you weren’t just my Dad. You were my best friend, my protector and guide. Yes, you provided and disciplined like a father is ‘meant to’, but the love you gave me – that unconditional love – it was unique. Simply one of a kind. Growing up, you made […]

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Dear Papa

‘I remember, as a child I always liked to lay on your chest. Why? To listen to your heart beat. My Papa’s heartbeat. Strong. Unmoving. & Powerful. Just like you. I would laugh and tell you how I could hear it, loud and clear. You would smile, put your hand lovingly on my head and […]

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Two By Two… A review

Oh my. Had I known I’d be thrown into such an emotional rollercoaster I’d have been better prepared. The thing is, I love Nicholas Sparks and his books, honestly – every single one of them. They make my heart swell with happiness and then break down all within the space of 500 or so pages. […]

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Only You 

Sometimes, certain dreams and wishes seem so impossible. You really want something, but it just seems so far, so unattainable. There are moments where you tell yourself to forget it and move on. But that’s not fair. I genuinely believe in hope. I believe everyone has the chance and ability to make their dreams reality […]

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Final Year Project

Hello! It’s me 🙂 I know it’s been a while but I have been busy working on a few bits and pieces, which I will be announcing soon (I hope) however, I know for some of you it is a stressful and very important time… Third Year of uni, your final year and that lovely […]

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Still Here.

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Period. Not that many of you might have noticed lol but yes, I have been sort of absent. It’s crazy, because it feels like God has tested my limits to the absolute max this week and though it has been haywire; I have realised a few […]

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Live and Let Live

Hey guys! Now this post is based around something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I genuinely felt like saying/posting something about it because tbh I see way too much of it everywhere. This idea of judging. Judging someone because of their faith, beliefs or judging someone and the strength of their faith […]

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Make Time For What You Love

For anyone who knows me, I have always been into reading and writing. Since FOREVER. From a young age, I had to have my own books and I loved to write my own stories. However, as life has gotten busier… I have had less time to do those things I enjoy, like reading and writing… […]

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