Welcome to my blag!

I’m a 20-something human, currently navigating through life, and you’ve just stumbled upon my sort-of virtual diary.

Here, I occasionally lay down my thoughts for you to ponder upon. Sometimes, I may share my experiences (whether that’s related to life, education, hobbies, career or motherhood) – with hopes that in some way it might help you on your journey.

Quick facts:

  • I am a British Pakistani Muslim woman
  • Studied Human Biology and Journalism at University
  • Previously was a Journalist for a pharmaceutical news magazine
  • Now an Editorial Writer for healthcare PR and communications agency (& I love it)
  • Founded a creative magazine platform called Unread in 2017 that’s all about creative hobbies and mental wellbeing
  • Married at 21
  • Moved into our first home at 25
  • A mama-to-be

I post regular (sometimes irrelevant) life updates on Instagram:

& random thoughts on Twitter:

If you have anything you would like me to write about in particular or looking for some advice – drop me a message here on my CuriousCat page (it can be anonymous, but of course be nice).

Love to all – keep smiling 🙂

Lubna x



2 thoughts on “Me?

  1. Salaams! May I say that this is a really lovely intro (Ma Sha Allah), your wedding blog was brilliant and it all really reflects quite positively on you! 🙂 Best wishes and du’as with absolutely everything, the world needs more people like you! 🙂 Wasalaam, Farhana.

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