Only You 

Sometimes, certain dreams and wishes seem so impossible. You really want something, but it just seems so far, so unattainable. There are moments where you tell yourself to forget it and move on. But that’s not fair.

I genuinely believe in hope. I believe everyone has the chance and ability to make their dreams reality – big or small – it is possible and we should do everything in our power to make it happen.

I for one want to publish a book one day. Sounds… big, when I say it out loud. I do occasionally question this dream of mine, but the thing is, I keep reminding myself how bad I want to make it happen – how bad I want to put my ideas on paper and thread those words together to create a picture in a reader’s mind.

What I am getting at here is, it’s our mindset. How we talk to ourselves, how we support and motivate ourselves. Yeah, people around us have a huge impact, but you know who has a larger impact on your heart and mind? You.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can make it happen. You pull yourself out of bed, you put one foot in front of the other, meaning, only you can really push yourself towards attaining your dream. Other people can motivate you however, it all boils down to how much you motivate yourself and remind your brain and heart how much you want whatever it is that you’re thinking of right now.

Below are questions some people have asked me recently about staying on top of my goals:

How do you organise your goals? 

I have separate notepads for different things and one of them is only for my goals. At the beginning of every week, I write down everything I want to achieve for that week. Literally, I jot them all down in simple sentences. Even the tiniest of things I want to do (like write 100 words today) I scribble that down, just so my brain is organised. And that book, I keep in my bag wherever I go.

How do you keep myself motivated?

Yes, there are times when I feel low and I just can’t be bothered BUT, majority of the time – I am my own cheerleader. Sounds weird, but it’s true. I push myself and I remind myself of how bad I want to finish a novel and that if I get down to it, only then will it be possible. I know no one else will write my own book for me and if I am lazy, it’ll never happen. So, the only option is to organise myself, my time and my life so that I can get writing done.

The thing is, to dream about something is to want it, to want it, you got to have a certain attachment- basically, you have to like it. If I didn’t like writing, heck, forget a whole book. But I adore writing. Therefore, completing a book isn’t a chore. It is THE dream for me.

So yes, do what you love. Make things happen. Accomplish your dream. For yourself.

How do you make the people around you understand your dreams? It can be hard to get on with what you enjoy doing when the people around you don’t get it and see it as ‘wasting time’?

This is something I definitely have thought about. Yes, it can be hard, when you feel like you are the only one rooting for yourself. Sometimes it feels like no one else gets how much you want to do something that’s creative. Whether that be; photography, writing, acting, dancing – to others it seems like ‘just a hobby’ – when to you, it’s your dream, it’s your passion. THIS is where you need to remind yourself how much YOU love doing what you do. You need to keep motivating yourself, that is if you really are passionate about whatever it is. Of course, negative comments can get to you, but if doing what you love makes you happy, carry on – and eventually they will stop.

For those who may feel like family members/friends just don’t get your passion – and it means a lot to you if they at least respected it – sit them down. Let them know that there is something you WANT to do that makes you happy – be open. And then carry on doing it. Even if the negativity continues – stay serious, stay true and eventually they will see that your passion is real and let you do your thing without interference. But remember, don’t get lost trying to prove to them. Continue only for yourself. The moment you start doing what you love, because you HAVE to do it to prove to someone else that you love it, it becomes a chore.

Our lives are so busy; bogged down with work, studying, trying to stay fit and living up to other people’s expectations, that it has become so vital to keep a portion of our schedules, our time solely to feed our soul and make US happy by doing things that we enjoy.

So the next time you feel like doing something because you enjoy it, but THINK it isn’t important – don’t stop yourself. Get up and do it. Do it, because YOU matter and your happiness matters.

Speak soon,

aanbul x



One thought on “Only You 

  1. Interesting blog. I wouldn’t bother sitting anyone down and explaining to them why you want to do what you love though. Certain people will never understand and you don’t need to defend your dreams or explain yourself to anyone, even those closest to you, ever. There’s no need. And oh yeah, negative comments don’t stop I’m afraid, The only person you can trust is yourself and God. Good luck with your writing.

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