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Two By Two… A review

Oh my.

Had I known I’d be thrown into such an emotional rollercoaster I’d have been better prepared. The thing is, I love Nicholas Sparks and his books, honestly – every single one of them. They make my heart swell with happiness and then break down all within the space of 500 or so pages.

Two By Two was no exception I tell you that.

For sure, when I heard about this new release I just knew I had to read it and in no way do I regret it. Two By Two is a story about relationships. Not just the romantic ones, but the other ones that matter too – that we can all, in one way or another, relate to.

The relationship between a father and daughter, father and son, mother and daughter and brother and sister – strong, beautiful and love-filled relationships. Two By Two explores them in a such a way it leaves your heart throbbing and wanting to hold your loved ones that little bit tighter.

Russel Green, our main man, is someone you come to adore – sometimes you end up yelling at him because he’s being way too soft, but you admire him nonetheless. He is a product of his loving and close-knit family and you can’t help but feel a little shaken after witnessing the joy and heartbreak that shakes this family’s world to the core.

This story is about dear Russel. It starts off with him and his happily married wife and their journey of becoming parents and seeing their daughter, London, go from an invisible being to something real – a beautiful little girl that brings joy to their hearts. But, obviously Sparks has to make sure we remember this story and so, you wittness Russel’s world crumble all around him.

*SPOLIER ALERT! – If you plan on reading Two By Two, please stop here!*

*Another warning*

*OK, we’re good to go*

After Russel decides to leave his job to pursue his dream of starting his own business, his wife (Vivian) decides to go back to work after being London’s primary caregiver for a good few years. What started out as Vivian ‘fulfilling her dreams’ ‘keeping herself busy’ and ‘making up for the money Russel wasn’t making whilst pursuing his silly dream of starting a business’ – ended in Vivian leaving her husband for a billionaire (her boss). GASP.

Well you sort of see it coming… but that’s not all guys. There’s more.

The story continues with Russel being left to care for their toddler London, an intelligent, bubbly little girl who up until now was used to her mother as her pimary care giver.

And from this point on you find yourself crying, laughing and fuming as Russ embarks on a journey of getting to know his young daughter, becoming a mother, a better father and starting a (not so successful) business – all whilst battling his ‘wife’ for their innocent daughter’s heart. 

Throughout the story you are introduced to Russell’s family; his not-so-expressive-but-sweet father, typical-loving-caring-cute mother, AMAZING sister and partner and Russ’ long-lost love, Emily (see where Sparks is going with this?)

Now, not only is adjusting to life without his wife hard enough (whilst attempting to build a business) – Russ’ world is crushed further…. (poor guy)


His dear sister is diagnosed with cancer.

Oh my heart when I found out.

By the time this is revealed, you are already a huge fan of Russell’s sister and you can’t help but feel deeply sad. His sister is his backbone, she supports him and accepts him for who he is, no matter what the weather – so for Russ to hear this… it’s pretty ground shaking.

Sibling bond is completely something else and when you understand that, even the simplest of tragedies can poke those tear ducts.

I think I’ll stop there with spoilers and not reveal more – I really hope you read the book and experience the highs and lows for yourself (DO IT).

For me, there were two things I absolutely fell for:

1) Russel and London’s relationship and how it develops – you see things from a father’s point of view, and it’s really eye opening for those who aren’t parents themselves or very relatable for those who are!

2) Russel and his sister’s bond – wow, this got me the most. I am big sap for sibling bonds ok, and the love and trust these two shared was magical. You see their entire relationship laid out in front of you and you come to understand why our Russel is such a softie – he’s loved so much that it’s the only language he speaks *sigh*

The thing is, there IS SO MUCH MORE TO IT! I have merely laid down the foundation of the book, the very events that ignite a cascade of…. many other things! That I’ll let you discover for yourself.

For now, I’m going to sign off and wish you a happy Friday!


aanbul x


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