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Onwards and Upwards… or Sidewards (as long as you’re moving)

Well hasn’t it been a while since I’ve posted… but then again life has gotten pretty busy! Woooo.. I’m not complaining! After uni finished, I had absolutely NOTHING to do, the first thing I started doing was apply for jobs, internships literally anything to get myself busy. Watching Gossip Girl filled my time up nicely too, which may I add… I finished in under a month, keep in mind it was about 7 seasons… (NETFLIX was life)

ANYWAY…. So once uni finished, I started applying for something to do, as some of you may know, I had first decided to go into teaching. Actually throughout the whole of uni, my aim was teaching BUT I changed my mind. After thinking, thinking and thinking… I finally decided that teaching wasn’t for me.

So, where did I go from there? Cried.

Lol jokes, ok maybe some crying was involved but I dug deep and thought about what I wanted and what I enjoyed. I knew I enjoyed writing, a lot! And I loved biology (basically my degree) maybe I could combine the 2? So I narrowed my job search to scientific communication. I applied to so many places and had a fair amount of interviews, most of which said that I needed more experience. I eventually realised that I had changed my mind way too late and those graduate placements and roles were non-existent at that time.

I wasn’t giving up, but I was close to it… until one graduate placement!

This one perfectly combined my degree and it was for a graduate… best believe I applied for it quicker than you could say CV…  lolol

After the amount of ‘nos’ I had gotten, I didn’t get my hopes up and went in telling myself that if this was the best thing for me, then I would get it….

And alhumdolillah, after 2 interviews…. I DID!

And boy was I grateful!

The moral of my short story is… (and there is one don’t worry) DON’T GIVE UP. I have come across so many people who are in the same position I was in 2 months ago and I tell them the same thing. Just because we get 20 rejections doesn’t mean the 21st will also be a rejection. To be fair, I think all those interviews I had, just made me more experienced for the one that finally mattered…Some things just don’t work out because there is something better for us somewhere else down the line.

Three years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be where I am right now, doing what I am doing… I was so set on something else, but now I think about it, I know I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The reason I am posting this is because like I said, I know quite a few people (and some people on Twitter have approached me) who feel like their degree has just gone to waste and they’ve wasted their time in education only to come to find themselves stuck with no job…and I just wanted to share my personal experience (because I felt that way too up until recently) and tell you guys that no, you are brilliant for completing education, whether it was up till college or university… and regardless of how dull things seem right now, something is going to come up very soon and you’re going to be so glad you didn’t stop trying!

Keep smiling you little sun rays.


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