Still Here.

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Period.

Not that many of you might have noticed lol but yes, I have been sort of absent. It’s crazy, because it feels like God has tested my limits to the absolute max this week and though it has been haywire; I have realised a few things.

Whenever something bad happens, whenever there is a death in the family or anything that shakes you all to the core, you have no idea what to do. And that’s exactly what it felt like this week.

I was reminded of how important and valuable family is – yes, you have normal ups and downs but when it comes to something ground shaking, you find yourself seeking comfort in them.  Family is such a precious thing, not everyone is lucky enough to have a unit they can rely on, hence why we need to appreciate the family we do have. Yes, they can do your head in sometimes but don’t forget that they would also do anything for you. If you have parents who ask about your day or whether you’ve had dinner or siblings who take the time out of their day to annoy you or sit in your room and refuse to leave or a partner who texts to ask you where you are or home safe; just take a moment to appreciate them – Because they are an absolute blessing.

I realised how sometimes, the people you might have expected support from, may not always be there. This week, I took a complete step back. Not on purpose, but because I was so caught up in my own world for once, I didn’t have the time to check up on anyone, which meant it was an opportunity for those people to actually make the effort, for once. And surprise, surprise, some of those people I expected genuine concern from… were no where to be seen. I always say that times like these, well they make you realise many things, including who is there for you, not only in your good times but bad too. The people who did check up on me, I appreciate them so much more. I was surprised to get messages from others, I don’t speak to much, asking how I am and where I’ve been, which I honestly appreciated too. It’s been an eye opener as to who I need to invest more time in, from now on.

Good health. Another thing I value a lot more now, than I did a week ago. To be free of illness, to have clean food/water on our tables and to have a somewhat stable healthcare system is a blessing. To be faced with death is a scary experience – to be in the presence of someone close to death is even more frightening as you realise how delicate our lives are.

We think we’re invincible going about our day, we have no doubt that we’ll see our mum or other half when we come back from work or uni, we think we’ll always have tomorrow, but anything can happen and it may just be the last time…

Yeah, it sounds really morbid I know. But it’s a fact of life.

Anything can happen which can intervene in your daily routine, making it impossible for you to go about your normal life and it’s only then do you realise how much you valued life before that earthquake happened.

So, just appreciate everything because you just don’t know what’s round the corner.


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