Live and Let Live

Hey guys! Now this post is based around something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I genuinely felt like saying/posting something about it because tbh I see way too much of it everywhere.

This idea of judging. Judging someone because of their faith, beliefs or judging someone and the strength of their faith or spirituality.

Everyone has the right to believe what they want to. Everyone has a right to follow the path they choose and everyone has the freedom to live their life the way it suits them. Just because someone is not following the same religion as you, or the same caste or race, it does not, in any way, make them any less important or you any superior.

Do you know what should matter?

A person’s morals.

Their personality.

How they treat others and how they carry themselves.

Whether or not these are things they pick up from their faith, if the person is kind, caring and respectful, why on earth would you disrespect them based on what their beliefs are? Details which only affect their peace of mind and have nothing to do with your own?

Does that in any way make you and I better? Insulting a person, who has approached you in such a respectful manner, solely because their beliefs or choices in life do not align with your own?

Whether a person is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Buddhist… or anything else… We cannot sit there and judge an individual based on their beliefs. What should matter is how they act and treat others.

YES, if someone ‘in the name of their religion’ is acting in a way that is inhumane… then, there is a reason to question them and their ways, not blaming the religion, but questioning the person and their own morals. But, if a person is in no way harming you, or anyone else and in fact is pretty nice, drop all the other labels and keep it at the human level. Because, frankly that’s what we all are… humans.

Strip away the names, the backgrounds, the colour, the beliefs… ultimately we are all humans, and we should have equal respect for each other.

Sometimes, you may not get on with someone even on the human level because, let’s face it, we are different and some personalities clash and others bind like glue – regardless, whether we bind or clash, we need to keep that respect there. You do not need to announce to someone that you feel your personality doesn’t gel with theirs, that will only make life difficult… but you can make the world a better place by being nice.

It also really really… upsets me to see that people assume they can judge how religious or spiritually strong an individual is just by looking at them. It is absolute nonsense to assume how close to God an individual is by what you see. You cannot guess that this person is in no way close to their faith or in any way spiritual just because you don’t see them performing any acts of worship or doing mountains and mountains of faith-inspiring things… in front of you.

It’s sad.

It is very sad that people think it’s acceptable to outright label someone as lacking in their relationship with their religion or God because they have not witnessed them doing anything religious. It’s not right and frankly, I think people need to stop.

We have no right to sit and ponder on how ‘spiritually strong’ an individual is or ‘how much an individual remembers God’ – no. I don’t, you don’t, nor do they.

We should be focusing on ourselves. Whether it’s related to religion or general situations. We should not be sitting there and deciding what a person is like just by looking at them or hearing what religion they do or do not follow.

I have always said that religion is a personal thing, it won’t bother me whether a person is a Muslim or Christian or Atheist as long as they are nice and a pleasure to be around. What they do in their spare time, how they connect with God, or don’t, has nothing to do with me.

It would be so much more beneficial if we stopped putting so much effort into picking on other people, their relationships and actions and instead, focus on how much we are doing to better ourselves as individuals.

Literally, live and let live.

You don’t need to agree with someone’s beliefs or way of living and if it is not harming you or anyone else… then you have no right to interfere and stamp on someone’s confidence or heart.

It is their journey and they will make their way to wherever they want to, the way they are meant to and you will make yours, just how you’d like… to wherever you want and I will do the same.

Let’s just hope that wherever we end up, we are all happy and we are all healthy.

Aanbul x





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