Make Time For What You Love

For anyone who knows me, I have always been into reading and writing. Since FOREVER. From a young age, I had to have my own books and I loved to write my own stories. However, as life has gotten busier… I have had less time to do those things I enjoy, like reading and writing… and I actually realised how much of an impact this was having on me. I constantly felt like wanting to read something or write, but because of how busy I was with work or other responsibilities, I never got the chance. I kept telling myself, ‘later, I’ll write later’ or ‘I’ll read tomorrow on the train,’ but… it never happened. And to realise, that I wasn’t getting time to do the things I love, really made me sad. This made me think… for how long will I carry on telling myself ‘later’ or prolonging doing things I absolutely adore? I am always going to have something to do, there will be always something more important than a book or a story idea or the next great opening to a chapter… but does that mean I never let myself do either of those things?

No. NA-AH.

I realise that it really was wrong of me to neglect those things that made my brain happy. And I thought I’d share this experience with you guys because, yes we are all busy! Whether it be with uni, studying, work, relationships, family, marriage… whatever it is that requires your attention and effort.. we are busy with it and we give it priority over other things that we enjoy, basically our hobbies. So yes, it is important to give yourself time, every day to do something that you enjoy. To not let it become something you ‘used to love doing’ but never got time to get round to again. I know so many people who, upon my saying ‘Oh I’m currently reading this….’ have said ‘I miss reading but I just never get time,’ – which can be the case – but if you really enjoy something and if it really makes you feel good… DO IT! Set aside an hour a day, half hour or 15 minutes to read a chapter, write, play that instrument you loved playing, paint or whatever it is that makes you smile! You don’t want to live a life being entirely busy with all the ‘responsibilities’ and forget how it feels to enjoy something, to be good at something.

Balance is key. So, don’t indulge yourself in just your hobbies but don’t get lost in the other things that keep you away from it either. Try to get the best of both worlds and feel it make a difference to your mood and your mind set because doing too much of anything can be be overwhelming.

Life is short and there’s a difference between actually living and then getting by. To miss out on all the other (I say ‘other’ because mainstream responsibilities can also be enjoyable) bits and pieces that make life exciting, interesting and makes you happy is simply sad.

Don’t keep putting things off till tomorrow, do it now. If it makes you smile, give it the importance and make it happen!

aanbul x

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