Up In The Clouds

Currently I am flying somewhere above Portugal, looking out a small window and…I’m left speechless. Genuinely speechless, with a huge smile on my face. Look at that view! It is absolutely beautiful… beautiful isn’t a great enough word for it! It’s like I’m floating on a bed of clouds with the sky changing colours, as the sun makes its way down to bless another part of the globe with its presence. 

Going away to Tenerife made me rethink different aspects of life. I know that might be a strange thing to say because it was ‘just a holiday’ but… it’s like I already knew the Earth was huge and there is so much more to it than what I see everyday.. but actually seeing views like this up close, viewing intricate landscapes, left overs of natural disasters, the gracefulness and monstrosity of it all… I can’t help but feel so sheltered. A few months ago I visited Croatia and though that was also a stunning country, I did not get the chance to see the stuff I saw in Tenerife.
There is so much sadness in our world right now and it’s so easy to get up caught up in the good stuff we experience everyday to forget for a second that elsewhere in the world someone is feeling all the opposite emotions to our great ones.. but then sometimes it is also easy to let the sad aspects of life consume us entirely. There is so much beauty in the world as well as horror but it’s about embracing and accepting both. Enjoy the pearls of this stunning earth but also do our best to make it a better place for each other. We may not be able to stop all the suffering but the small acts of kindness by us can make a difference. Teaching our siblings, our kids to love everyone, to be accepting and kind is so important because that is what I believe is lacking in those people who ignite the horrors we see everyday. 

Without genuine kindness, love for each other and acceptance there is space for hate, violence, discrimination to seep in and poison whatever good there is… which leads to disagreements, with no place for compassion to solve them humanely.

Fair enough we can’t go to every person or country suffering and ease their sorrows but we can give what we can to make it even the slightest bit better.

The biggest change I believe we can make is in our immediate surroundings, the world around us, by changing our attitude, by being kind, accepting and non-judgemental.

If there are humans out there causing havoc, be one to tame it and spread equality and love instead. It’s much less heartbreaking.
Aanbul x
Ps. I might post something about my trip, a round up of where I went, what I did etc.. let me know at curious cat if you’d be interested to read that but for now… Adios


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