The Hijab

The cover photo for this blog post are flowers. Why? Well, like flowers, us girls… we’re all different, different but pretty and colourful in our own unique but no doubt beautiful way. Yes that may sound cheesy for some but I like to think it’s true. All beautiful things usually have something to cover it, protect it..for us Muslim girls, it’s our hijab.

The hijab… a covering for a woman… a shield.

For many Muslim women it is an identity, a precious one but in our society it has become acceptable to shame those girls who do not choose to wear the hijab. People believe that if a Muslim girl does not wear the hijab, she is not a ‘proper’ muslim and could not possibly be capable of doing any good or possess other commendable morals.

This, in my opinion, is wrong. Utterly wrong.

In a society, it seems like there is a tendency to… judge. Judge without thinking, judge without considering that though someone may not be openly religious or display their religion physically, they may still actually have faith within their hearts.

Yes, I firmly agree that the hijab is a part of Islamic faith, and there is no wrong but in fact SO much right in covering one self, but it does not mean that those girls, who choose to take their time in accepting it and acting upon it, are any less than those who already have done so.

Every woman, hijab or no hijab, Muslim or non Muslim, deserves to be respected. No one deserves to be judged by their looks or their choice of  whether they wear their religious covering or not… we honestly do not know the contents of someone’s heart.

I have come to know many many girls, who do not wear the hijab but their faith and relationship with God is something they cherish, value and uphold… they may not and actually don’t always openly preach what they do and how they feel, but personally they rely on God – look to Him, pray to Him and sometimes even admit that though they have intentions of one day wearing religious coverings, they want to do so when they feel ready.

And again, some like to question this ‘readiness’ and belittle individuals for bringing up this reason – which is unfair.

I admit that wearing the hijab impacts my life in so many positive and beautiful ways, but I also admit that it is each individual’s choice when they decide to wear it. No one should embarrass another or make them feel insignificant for their personal choices.

SO what was the point of these 400 plus words? Well to re-emphasise that it’s not fair for us or anyone to judge others on anything. We’re all going through something, we all have our own struggles and being the one to make another person’s struggle tougher is just plain sad. Drop the negativity and focus on yourself, focus on bettering yourself, focus on being an example, an inspiration for someone who might be finding it hard to find their way… just be the best version of yourself and let others work on theirs.

Live and Let Live.


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