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M y W e d d i ng

Hey! It’s me again 🙂

ME5 (1 van 1).jpg
Photo Credit: Kaaghazkephool

Trying to be regular with this blog posting thing – bear with me as I get used to getting back into that routine.

Those from Twitter will have an idea of what this one is about, well obviously the title gives it away.. YES WEDDING STUFF WOOO! So, if you don’t want to know anything about clothes, outfits, jewellery, shoes, decors and stuff… this post is probably not for you.. but you can still read cause I got pretty pictures! Yay

There’s so much I  want to include but let’s start with the basics…

When was my wedding and how did I decide on a date?

Photo credit: Kaaghazkephool

My wedding was in the summer! – I had always wanted a summer wedding, when the sun is out, the air is breezy, everything is fresh and everyone is in a good mood because the sky is just pretty and blue. Thankfully, that was exactly how it was on my wedding. The weather was perfect!! We decided to do our wedding on 31st July – solely because the wedding venue was available that day but somehow this date also happened to be my husband’s birthday and Harry Potters… what a perfect day hey? The Mehndi was set for 2 days beforehand (29th July).

Where was my wedding and how did I decide on a venue?

I had so many ideas of where I wanted our wedding to take place – initially I wanted it to be outdoor, something different with a BBQ but things don’t always go to plan and because of practical reasons… we decided to do it a wedding venue place called Venue Central (check them out here) – it was a nice place and we had some meetings with the owners on what we wanted the decor to be like on the day. I wanted the stuff to match my dress so kept the theme a gold sort of thing. My wedding was segregated – so a hall for the guys and another one for the girlies! My Mehndi we kept at my house – where I had only family and my girls round…

Wedding Cards and Wedding Favours:

My wedding cards were inspired by my parent’s wedding card! They had a sample of theirs which was made more than 20 years’ ago and I thought it was so cute. So, I decided to get mine done in a similar simplistic style…

These wedding cards were made by House of Zorah:  – I showed her my parent’s card and then told her what colour scheme I preferred and what we needed included inside the card… I was really happy with the final product! She also created wedding favours to place on the tables for the  wedding, which I also adored. Sadly I haven’t got a picture of them displayed on the table but here’s one I took of the sample she gave me 🙂 – I got the card and favours to match!

Dresses Dresses… and More dresses. 

Photo credit: @kaaghazkephool

Oh do I remember the mission to start looking for wedding clothes – If it wasn’t for my mum majorly excited to shop everywhere and anywhere, I would have been LOST! (I’ve included a bit about how we organised ourselves at the bottom of this blog)

I started physically looking for my wedding dress (that red one above) in December 2015, before I went off to Dubai. I had an idea of what I wanted and was just set on that design. When I took a trip to Ilford Lane, I saw something similar to my dream dress in Guls Style! SO I went in and spoke to them and got a design similar to the one they had in store drawn up. They then got the dress made from Pakistan – it came within 6 weeks, exactly how I wanted it and a perfect fit! Thank God.

For my Mehndi – I didn’t really have a set idea. I knew I wanted something bright and colourful because that was tradition BUT I didn’t know what sort of style. So, I dived in thinking lets see what I find. And eventually I found these… (excuse me chubby fingers)

Photo credit: @Kaaghazkephool

I got these from a place called Ramsha on Ilford Lane too. Now, my mehndi clothes were a mission to get. I had first got something else but when I later looked at them, I realised that they were too plain for a bride. So, literally exactly 4 weeks before the wedding, I saw that dress in Ramsha and got that ordered and they took exactly 4 weeks to make. It flew in from Pakistan exactly a day before the mehndi – yeah I was stressed and it was risky to order something last minute but …. it worked out.

My Walima outfit was a gift from my in laws and husband however they took me along and gave me the choice to get whatever I wanted. I had an idea of what coloured I wanted but it was just the design I wasn’t too sure about UNTIL I got to a shop called Nees (guess where it was, yes you guessed right… Ilford Lane) and I fell in love with the colour and embroidery of one dress and the design of another. I spoke to the designer and asked her if it was possible to merge the 2 dresses, she said that hadn’t done before but it was possible. So, she drew up a design and sent it to me and I loved the look of it so we went for it. That also took around about 6 weeks. But with this one, once it came through, the fitting needed to be altered slightly but otherwise I was absolutely IN LOVE!

The Jewellery

Of course with me dresses I needed to bag myself some cute accessories too – Here’s some details of what I had…

Mehndi Jewellery.. well it wasn’t really jewellery… my Mehndi flowers were from a shop in Luton called Madinah Rose – I ordered my stuff from there a few weeks before hand, giving them an idea of what I wanted – which was simple, delicate flowers to match my bright coloured clothes. I got a long piece of flower thing to tie in between my plaited hair, flower corsages and earrings. I was actually really happy with them and they lasted the whole day! I also got myself a simple tikka, to put on my forehead but I was looking to go for a simple sort of look on the mehndi so didn’t want to go over the top with lavish jewellery.

My Wedding bangles and set I picked from Bees on Greenstreet – now… usually it’s thought that Asian Brides have to wear gold but… I’m personally not a big fan and I wanted to match my jewellery exactly with my dress. I didn’t want my dress to be something and then my gold to be right out there and bright yellow… so I thought I’d get myself some of those bangles to wear for another day but for the wedding day… I wanted something that matched.. and that’s what I got! Some of these places (including Bees) can get you jewellery custom made to your dress, you just need to give them enough time to do so.

Vamila, I wore some bangles that my parents had gifted me but the rest of my jewellery was a gift from my in laws and from a lovely place called Roshan’s Jewellery  – I absolutely loved the stuff from there and was given so many choices but in the end I chose the one that matched with my dress best (well my scarf as my dress was being altered).

Henna Tattoos


Now, I don’t know if any of you know… but I am not a fan of henna. AT ALL.  Ever since I was young, I wanted to stay away from that stuff as it was… well I don’t know.. I just didn’t like the look or smell of it or the fact it took ages to fade. And as it’s a huge tradition for an Asian bride to wear henna on her wedding, you can imagine how my mum, aunts, cousins and sisters reacted when I told them I wouldn’t be decorating my hands with that stuff. Yeah, not good.

So, I decided to compromise and start searching for henna tattoos – one option was the Huda Beauty henna tattoo stuff but they would have taken a while to deliver and cost a bomb! So after searching amazon I found some that looked really pretty…

Silvery/Gold stuff – £3.78 – Find them here:  

Black ones – £4.28 – Find those here:

Side note: I was so stressed on the day I didn’t apply the black ones properly meaning, I ruined the main design – which was really upsetting! BUT my cousin, Andy, saved the little ones and we got some sort of pattern out of them.

Make Up Tings

IMG_2999.JPGBefore my wedding I wasn’t a big fan of make up, I literally wore the bare minimum and I was dreading having to wear so much for my wedding… But I knew it had to be done. So what did I do?…

Mehndi Day: Andy (my cousin) and I collaborated on my face and got a simple look done – I used my everyday make up which I’ve posted somewhere about on curious cat > here:  but we just applied it heavily and tried to be a bit more neater. I also wore some fake lashes: Eylure Cheryl Lashes – First Date: find them here from Superdrug  (I got them for £5 something but they’re cheaper now, yay).

For Wedding Day, I chose the hair and make up artist ChandeniMUA! (Link to her IG:  ) – My mum found her on Facebook a few months before the wedding, so I messaged her asking if she was available around July and if she offered make up trials – Which she did. I had a trial with her and was really happy so I booked her. She was actually amazing and I was so happy with everything she put together on the wedding day!

For the Walima I chose BelaIrfan:

Ooo and my nail varnish, my sister gifted me for my wedding. I absolutely love them and the colour she picked for the wedding day !!


This was actually the fun part! I started getting decorations for the Mehndi in December when I went to Dubai! Ah, they had the most cutest stuff… I didn’t go there thinking I’d be getting decorations but once I got there I couldn’t resist getting pretty stuff..

Photo Credit: Kaaghazkephool
  • The cushions were from Dubai as was the table throw.
  • The decorated candles I got from the same place I ordered my flower jewellery – Madinah Rose.
  • The colourful fabrics in the background I got from a fabric shop and the lights behind and pretty much everywhere – my dad bagged from online, Amazon I think.
  • The Lanterns, I got them from B&M and spray painted them with a few cans.
  • The fruits, Andy created, literally she spent the whole morning making those…

Wedding Stuff

The wedding venue and decorations the venue people sorted for us – I don’t have an image of the decorations on the actual day but it was something similar to this. We went a week before to sort out the decor and what we wanted.

Venue Central

I also ordered a personalised wedding guest book from Ebay, I had been searching for the perfect guest book for ages and I couldn’t find one anywhere until I came across this!

ZS125 (1 van 1).jpg

eBay  Laser Engraved Personalised Wedding Guest Book, 3mm Plywood, Rustic Wood Finish from this seller: 

I got a cute mini easel and sign to place beside the book to attract guest’s attention – the sign was smaller than I had expected but hey, it did the job 🙂

A5 Shabby Chic Guest Book Wish Tree Personalised Wedding Sign / Poster: 

Creative 25 cm 1-Piece Wooden Mini Easel:


I ordered these from a seller on Amazon. I told her what I wanted and she sent me a sample, after loving the sample.. I ordered over 10 for my best friend, bridemaids and sister. They all looked so so lovely but once everyone started wearing them, they didn’t stay in tact for long… which was sad BUT Andy saved the day and fixed them.


I got the corsages from here:

Photographer and Videographer 

All the pictures you see in this blog post were taken by the talented: Kaaghazkephool, she did an absolutely amazing job on all 3 days and caught every moment. On the wedding day we made a last minute plan to go to a park for a photoshoot. The place was pretty empty and no one was around so we thought it would be the best spot. My husband was caught in traffic and wasn’t able to make it for the wedding day photoshoot BUT the second day we caught some amazing pictures beforehand.

I would really recommend taking the time out to get some pictures taken beforehand on your big day, somewhere with lovely greenery as it looks great in pictures.


My video was shot by js.samera, who also did a brilliant job at catching all the right moments – I just recently got the video back and wow, I was actually amazed – I wish I could show you guys some snippets but there are 4 CDs and it would takes ages to go through!


How did I overcome nerves?

I was pretty nervous on my actual wedding day – the initial walking in literally killed me. I knew there were so many people looking at me and I wasn’t used to it but after sitting down for a while, with my sister beside me, I eventually calmed down and felt so much more relaxed. Having my sister next to me and my best friend sitting right in front of me helped a lot.

The lead up to the wedding I was calm, I think that was because we had organised everything and nothing was majorly rushed (a bit on how I organised below) – Thanks to parents and sister helping me sort out everything, I didn’t feel overwhelmed until it got to the week before the wedding… the nerves started kicking in and the emotions which resulted in me getting a stress rash! Ah was so annoying as it was on my hands and some of my pictures needed to be edited to make it disappear.

Eventually those nerves passed as did the raw emotions – I knew I was in safe hands and my parents wouldn’t be too far from me.

How did I organise myself? 

The moment a date was set for the wedding (months before) – my mum and I got a wedding diary in which we wrote absolutely everything that needed to be done and where and how it would be done. Literally the tiniest thing we listed because we knew when it would come later on, we could miss things out. That really helped to make sure we were organised. What also helped was that for everything (dresses, decor, clothes, accessories etc) we made a deadline a month before the wedding, so just in case anything did go wrong… we had a month to fix it. Thankfully, nothing went majorly wrong (apart from the Mehndi dress, which we sorted).


Well that’s everything… I think! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, it was actually fun to go back and go over everything – although there was so much to do and it was sort of stressful, thank God it went smoothly.

Let me know what you think in the comments box or throw questions over at: and follow me on twitter @aanbul



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