So I was surfing through Twitter and I see this picture…. I found it really interesting. Two people… one standing on a stack of books allowing him to look over a colourful wall at, what looks to me, an unpleasant scene. But then there is another man, on the ground, staring right at the wall with pictures of butterflies and sunshine. Yay.. pretty. 

I’ve taken two things from this picture….

I see the books, as knowledge or education, but that’s how I see it… so the two things that maybe being presented in this picture:

ONE… that Education and Knowledge gives us the ability to, quite literally, have a look at what’s on the other side. Without that knowledge we would not know how to climb up that wall, reach that high and get over it to see what’s beyond what we’ve been shown. It makes me think, that without education, without knowledge, without broadening your mind, you will be stuck in the same position staring at the same thing.

TWO, that once you have gained that knowledge and are able to climb that high and see beyond what you’ve been shown or given…. it does not always mean that you will always learn, see or experience pleasant things. In this picture, the wall is all colourful with a blue sky and little butterflies but over on the other side, it’s dark and depressing. Makes you think, that sometimes, if you don’t have the knowledge of something, it is better that way… because you don’t have to face reality and can just stick to the imagery that’s been made up by you in your head or given to you by those around you. You live by that than what would have been gained from books, learning, education or experience itself.

Regardless, one thing is clear from this picture, whether the other side is brighter or not, knowledge is one  of those things that will help you progress, make you aware of life around you, situations around you, help you learn of the realities of life… We can’t just sit here, staring at that pretty wall all our lives, we have been given books, the opportunity to be educated…and whether it reveals horribles truths, or what not, we are blessed to have that chance to broaden our mind, to be aware.

And to be aware of the truth, of reality, is something I believe to be vital in our crazy world today…

I have no idea whether or not I made any sense what so ever, but hey! 


3 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Or maybe it’s too much knowledge and you turn into a complex, one could simply do what the man on the floor is doing but due to the respect we believe we owe to our studies we attempt that which is outrageous or unnecessary

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  2. That’s true, sometimes knowing too much can complicate things and does to overthinking that which does not need to be thought about. You could take it anyway… One picture has many interpretations.


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