Aloha Lovelies,

This blog post has been inspired by events, which have opened my eyes to realities I was already aware of but didn’t take much notice of. There’s always a difference between knowing something and experiencing that something.

A lot has happened, an interesting a lot that is. I’ve learnt more about myself, those around me, those I’m following on social networking sites (specifically twitter) and about those ‘anonymous’ individuals, who love to sit behind a screen and gauge the juice out of a situation…. (I’m sure you know who you are anonymous human but I will find you and I will throw an orange at you, I joke, I’ll eat it and walk away) 

We’re humans and it is only natural for some to be intrigued when they see a certain situation they know nothing about. Being interested is one thing, but acting upon that and barging into a situation with your nose an inch longer, ready to stir that wooden spoon of yours… is another thing.

The thing is, that isn’t the decent thing to do, especially if it has nothing to do with you. 

What is more upsetting is when individuals label this hideous action as something innocent like, lets say ‘concern.’ There is difference between between being ‘concerned’ about someone or something and being just plain nosey. 

I’m sure I don’t need to sit here and get a dictionary definition of what the both mean? 

Those that have known me for a while and those that know me well from Twitter, know that I’m not easily angered, and that I do try my best to not upset other people, but everyone has their limits & mine were tested. 

Not only did I learn how to stay immensely patient under a difficult situation but my faith in God grew so much more stronger, because there was no one else who could help solve that situation apart from God and there is no one else that can reveal the truth apart from God. These past events brought me closer to some, it showed me who was there for me in the time of need and who would jump to my defence.

Something else that resurfaced was that rule “stay positive”. Keeping a smile on your face and knowing that eventually bad things will pass and good things will settle is so important to get through something. If you tell yourself that there is so much to look forward to and that eventually things will be ok… that rough patch will become slightly more bearable.

Everything happens for a reason, whether we understand that reason at the time or not, and I have personally learnt it is always for the best. We just have to stay patient and wait for that reason to show it self, which it eventually will. 

Everyone has their own individual struggles. Not one person’s struggle is the same. We all have our weakness, our strengths and we all handle different situations in our own unique way. The only way we can help each other is by making those rough patches bearable and not revelling in another’s misery or bad fortune. Whether a person is right or wrong, you should not consider yourself to have the right to question, judge or meddle with that problem or situation.


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