These Past Few Days

Everything that has happened these past few days has made me appreciate life so much more. My Grandad’s death has been one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life so far and the most biggest eye opener.

It’s made me appreciate the fact that I have a chance to better myself as a person, Muslim, daughter, sister & friend.
Seeing my grandad in nothing but those white cloths hit home! Once we die we have nothing to take with us. Nothing but what we’ve said & done in this world. Anybody we leave behind will only remember things we’ve done, said & the person we were. Being the richest person won’t matter, being the prettiest person won’t matter, being twitter famous won’t matter…. All that will matter will be what type of person you were… when by yourself and to those around you.
It also made me realise, even more, how BLESSED I am to have the people I have in my life. Allhumdolillah….Words can not express the emptiness I feel right now, however I will never ever stop thanking God for my amazing family & friends I have in my life.
It also got me appreciating my parents a lot more. They’re not going to be here forever and all they ever want from me is for me to be a good hearted person. After doing everything for me that’s all they hope for. Our parents do everything for us & one day they’ll be gone… Appreciate them, Love them and Pray for them… Because that’s all they ever do for us!
One last thing… You never know when anyone’s going to go… It’s scary & sad…

Don’t ever leave anything on a bad note, had an argument with someone? Sort it, forgive & forget. Done something wrong to someone? Ask for forgiveness and mean it. Love someone? Tell them, don’t let your pride or stubbornness get in the way… Because it can be anyone’s last day, even yours.


3 thoughts on “These Past Few Days

  1. Inalilahi wainalilahi rajioon. I’m sorry for your loss. May he receive Jannah. I read your comment, and I truly understand what it’s like to lose a loved one. Last year I lost my grandmother to the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease in May. Like all things in life, they come and go, but to cherish one’s life can also be after they’re gone, that’s why we all have our own sorta legacy. Also like you said build good relations to those closest to you, and make a difference in the world!

    Become content with yourself and life to its fullest. I truly believe the best way to live is to approach your goals no matter how big or small one step at time. Do that keep healthy and active; there’s nothing to hold us back but our own self-doubt.

    Let their prayers and knowledge guide us all.


  2. May Allah bless your granddad with the highest ranks Of Jannah Insha’Allah. I love how your posts are so reflective and make a person think about life as a whole. They make the reader reflect on themselves and prioritize what’s actually important to them. Beautifully written Masha’Allah.❤

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